CITY – CLIMATE – ARCHITECTURE is a series of research and desing symposia. The 2nd symposium on June 11 takes place in the framework of STADTANSICHTEN 2014.

The production of space is inevitably linked to climate issues. In the course of the last fifteen years the debate on sustainable architecture and urbanism has risen like a phoenix from the ashes. Architects and urban planners, but also administrative bodies and developers face a new responsibility regarding the complexity of their conventional design and planning methods.

The rising awareness of climatological issues in the design process has the potential to yet again make architecture in the future more site specific and give it back its contextual relevance. CITY AND CLIMATE, therefore, is a call to see architecture not just as a means of protecting us against the climate, but also as an instrument to bring us back to it.

Accompanied by the publication “City and Wind – Climate as an Architectural Instrument” (DOM Publishers, May 2014), a series of three symposia aims to increase the awareness of climatological aspects as indispensable parts of the architectural design process.

The series addresses professional architects, urban planners and students of the field, as well as planning institutions, policy makers, administrative bodies and developers in order to bridge the gap between the disciplines of architectural design, urban planning, climatology, aerodynamic engineering and related fields.

The series is a cooperation of the Technical University Berlin – Fachgebiet Entwerfen und Baukonstruktion CODE, the msa | münster school of architecture – Department Digital Design and Construction, Department D6 Urban Design and the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design and is kindly supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands Berlin, Aedes Network Campus Berlin and the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam IABR.